Welcome to thin-edge.io's documentation!

thin-edge.io is an open-source & cloud-agnostic IoT framework designed to:

  • build business-specific IIoT agents running on resource-constrained edge devices
  • ease the integration of cloud services, edge computing and operational technologies
  • provide the foundations for smart, secure, robust and efficient IIoT agents
  • give the freedom of choice for cloud platform, tools and programming language

How to start

The simplest way to start is with the beginner-friendly tutorial that introduces thin-edge.io and guides you on how to install it on a Raspberry Pi, connect your device to Cumulocity IoT, and then monitor it from the cloud.

To install thin-edge.io on your specific hardware, refer to the installation how-to. To connect your device to your cloud, specific tutorials are available for:

Grow your skills