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Create self-signed certificate

To create new certificate you can use tedge cert create command:

sudo tedge cert create --device-id alpha
Certificate was successfully created


tedge cert requires sudo privilege. This command provides no output on success.

sudo tedge cert create will create certificate in a default location (/etc/tedge/device-certs/). To use a custom location, refer to tedge config.

Now you should have a certificate in the /etc/tedge/device-certs/ directory.

ls /etc/tedge/device-certs/


Certificate creation fails due to invalid device id

If non-supported characters are used for the device id then the cert create will fail with below error:

Error: failed to create a test certificate for the device +.

Caused by:
    0: DeviceID Error
    1: The string '"+"' contains characters which cannot be used in a name [use only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ' = ( ) , - . ? % * _ ! @]

Certificate already exists in the given location

If the certificate already exists you may see following error:

Error: failed to create a test certificate for the device alpha.

Caused by:
    A certificate already exists and would be overwritten.
            Existing file: "/etc/tedge/device-certs/tedge-certificate.pem"
            Run `tedge cert remove` first to generate a new certificate.


Removing a certificate can break the bridge and more seriously delete a certificate that was a CA-signed certificate.

Follow the instruction to remove the existing certificate and issue tedge cert remove:

sudo tedge cert remove
Certificate was successfully removed

and try tedge cert create once again.

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