The bridged topics

This document lists the MQTT topics that are supported by the

Thin Edge JSON MQTT Topics

To send the Thin Edge JSON measurements to a supported IoT cloud, the device should publish the measurements on tedge/measurements topic. Internally the tedge-mapper will consume the measurements from this topic, translates and send them to the cloud that the device has been connected to by the tedge connect command.

Cumulocity MQTT Topics

The topics follow the below format <protocol>/<direction><type>[/<template>][/<child id>]

s = standardu = upstreams = static (built-in)
t = transientd = downstreamc = custom (device-defined)
e = errord = default (defined in connect)
t = template
cr = credentials

SmartREST2.0 topics

All Cumulocity topics have been prefixed by c8y/.

  • Registration topics c8y/s/dcr c8y/s/ucr

  • Creating template topics c8y/s/dt c8y/s/ut/#

  • Static templates topics c8y/s/us c8y/t/us c8y/q/us c8y/c/us c8y/s/ds

  • Debug topics c8y/s/e

  • Custom template topics c8y/s/uc/# c8y/t/uc/# c8y/q/uc/# c8y/c/uc/# c8y/s/dc/#

C8Y JSON topics


You can find more information about Cumulocity topics Here

Azure MQTT Topics

MQTT clients on Thin Edge device must use the below topics to communicate with the Azure cloud. The Azure topics are prefixed by az/.

  • az/messages/events/ - Use this topic to send the messages from device to cloud. The messages are forwarded to the Azure topic named devices/{device_id}/messages/events/ where device_id is the Thin Edge device id.

  • az/messages/devicebound/# - Use this topic to subscribe for the messages that were sent from cloud to device. Any message published by Azure on one the subtopics of devices/{device_id}/messages/devicebound/# is republished here.

Collectd topics

When the device monitoring feature is enabled, monitoring metrics are emitted by collectd on a hierarchy of MQTT topics.

  • collectd/$HOSTNAME/# - All the metrics collected on the device (which hostname is $HOSTNAME).
  • collectd/$HOSTNAME/$PLUGIN/# - All the metrics collected by a given collectd plugin, named $PLUGIN.
  • collectd/$HOSTNAME/$PLUGIN/$METRIC - The topic for a given metric, named $METRIC. All the measurements are published as a pair of a Unix timestamp in milli-seconds and a numeric value in the format $TIMESTAMP:$VALUE. For example, 1623155717:98.6.

The collectd-mapper daemon process ingests these measurements and emits translated messages the tedge/measurements topic.

  • This process groups the atomic measurements that have been received during the same time-window (currently 200 ms)
  • and produces a single thin-edge-json for the whole group of measurements.