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Init System Configuration

To support multiple init systems and service managers, tedge requires the /etc/tedge/system.toml file. The file contains configurations about the init system and the supported actions.

The format of the file is:

file: /etc/tedge/system.toml
name = "systemd"
is_available = ["/bin/systemctl", "--version"]
restart = ["/bin/systemctl", "restart", "{}"]
stop = ["/bin/systemctl", "stop", "{}"]
start = ["/bin/systemctl", "start", "{}"]
enable = ["/bin/systemctl", "enable", "{}"]
disable = ["/bin/systemctl", "disable", "{}"]
is_active = ["/bin/systemctl", "is-active", "{}"]

For security reasons, the system.toml file should not be writable by non-root users. The permissions on the file can be set using the following command:

sudo chmod 644 /etc/tedge/system.toml


{} will be replaced by a service name (mosquitto, tedge-mapper-c8y, tedge-mapper-az, tedge-mapper-aws, etc.). For example,

restart = ["/bin/systemctl", "restart", "{}"]

will be interpreted as

/bin/systemctl restart mosquitto


nameAn identifier of the init system. It is used in the output of tedge connect and tedge disconnect
is_availableThe command to check if the init is available on your system
restartThe command to restart a service by the init system
stopThe command to stop a service by the init system
startThe command to start a service by the init system
enableThe command to enable a service by the init system
disableThe command to disable a service by the init system
is_activeThe command to check if the service is running by the init system

Default settings

If the system.toml file does not exist, then will assume that you are using Systemd, and use /bin/systemctl to control the services.