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Software Management

With you can ease the burden of managing packages on your device. Software Management operates end to end from a cloud down to the OS of your device and reports statuses accordingly.

Software management components

Software Management uses the following 3 components to perform software operations: Cloud Mapper, Agent, and Software Management Plugin.

You can find the diagrams which explain how those 3 components interact with each other from Software Management Agent Specification.

Cloud Mapper

The Cloud Mapper converts from/to cloud-specific format to/from cloud-agnostic format. It communicates with the dedicated IoT cloud platform and the Tedge Agent.

Tedge Agent

The Tedge Agent addresses cloud-agnostic software management operations e.g. listing current installed software list, software update, software removal. Also, the Tedge Agent calls an SM Plugin(s) to execute an action defined by a received operation.

The key points are that the Tedge Agent is always generic in cloud platforms and software types, and Cloud Mapper handles cloud-specific actions.

Software Management Plugin

The Software Management Plugin is dedicated to defining the behaviour of software actions (list, update, remove) per software type (apt, docker, etc.)

  1. Manage my device software
  2. Write my software management plugin
  3. The Software Management Plugin API
  4. Software Management Specification