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Version: 1.0.1

Community Plugins

The following pages contain a list of available community plugins. You can use these plugins directly or as a reference for creating your own plugins.

Plugins List

The list can be filtered by keywords and/or text to find plugins which are useful to you.

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OperationCumulocity IoT

Execute shell commands via MQTT



go-c8y-cli extension to provide common utilities to help with bootstrapping devices to Cumulocity IoT


OperationCumulocity IoT

Send text-based configuration via MQTT


UICumulocity IoTRugpiNodeRED

A Cumulocity IoT microservice that allows to proxy HTTP requests through the cloud to an HTTP server running on a Cumulocity IoT connected device



Yocto Layer to build and install from source



Yocto Layer to install using the officially built binaries. This layer reduces the build time considering as it avoids having to build the Rust compiler and tooling.



Yocto Project to easily build multiple images using different firmware update layers



Modbus gateway to connect to modbus devices and publish to the cloud via



OPC UA Gateway example which uses the Cumulocity IoT opcua-device-gateway to connect to OPC UA Servers and



Python3 agent to connect to local to manage devices


AgentMicrocontrollerRaspberry Pi

Micropython agent (for microcontrollers) to connect to local to manage devices like Raspberry Pi Pico W


Software Management Plugins

Manage Alpine Linux (apk) Packages



Python based MQTT benchmarking package to test the throughput of the MQTT message on a target device



Services which watches the tedge.toml file and publishes message on the local MQTT broker


Software Management PluginsContainer

Manage container or container groups (e.g. docker compose)



Demo container setup to showcase and all its features



Collect device information periodically via simple script based interface



Local UI to view and manage


Software Management PluginsNodeRED

Manage NodeRED flows


Init Systems OpenRC service definitions


Software Management Plugins

Manage rpm packages via dnf/microdnf/zypper


ImageRaspberry Pi

Build Raspberry Pi images with in-built support for OS updates using and Rugpi


Init Systems runit service definitions


Init Systems s6overlay service definitions


Software Management Plugins

Manage snap packages on Ubuntu


Init Systems supervisord service definitions


Init Systems systemd service definitions. Note: These definitions are provided to make it easier to add into Yocto builds.


Init Systems sysvinit service definitions

Submitting a new plugin

The list of plugins included in the documentation is maintained in the documentation repository.

New plugins can be added by following these instructions.

Github hosted plugins

In addition, a list of Github plugins are visible directly from Github. If your plugin is hosted on Github as a public repository, then you can make your plugin discoverable by adding the thin-edge tag to the repository, afterwards the plugin will appear in the list.

Github plugins

Github plugins