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Version: 0.12.0

Manage the software on your devices from Cumulocity cloud

This document describes how to manage the software modules that are installed on a thin-edge device from the cloud using the software management feature of


This tutorial shows the Debian based distributions apt package manager use-case powered by our official apt plugin. Other package managers can be supported by adding a plugin. Refer to this document on how to write a plugin to support software management for any other software type.


As of now, software management feature is supported only from Cumulocity cloud, which supports only install and delete as an action of c8y_SoftwareUpdate operation.

Three components are required on your devices to enable software management:

  1. Software management mapper for Cumulocity cloud acts as a proxy between the cloud and the device. This translates the cloud specific message type into device specific type and vice-versa.(Example: Cumulocity smart-rest to/from thin-edge json) The messages from cloud will be translated and forwarded to the tedge-agent and messages from tedge-agent will be translated and sent to cumulocity cloud. You can find this process with the name tedge-mapper c8y in ps once it starts.

  2. Software management agent The thin-edge software management agent is the one that calls the plugins. You can find this process with the name tedge-agent in ps once it starts.

  3. Software management plugin Plugins are the interfaces that call the package manager (example: apt/apt-get) to do the software management operations (Install, Remove or update) You can find them in /etc/tedge/sm-plugins. As of now there is only one (apt) plugin is supported.

Enable software management feature

Find more information about how to install and enable software management.

Managing the device software repository on Cumulocity cloud

Managing the software packages installed on the devices from your Cumulocity tenant is a two steps operation.

  • Populate the software repository with all the software packages and versions you plan to install.
  • Trigger software update operations on the devices, to install specific packages from the repository.

Find more information about managing the device software

Adding new software into the software repository of your tenant

  1. In the Software repository page, click Add software at the right of the top menu bar.

  2. In the resulting dialog box,

    • to add a new software, enter a name for the software (and confirm it by clicking Create new in the resulting window), a description and its version.
    • to add a new version, select the software for which you want to add a new version from the dropdown list in the Software field and enter a version of the package. The version is optional and can be set to "latest" or to an empty space (' '), both meaning the latest version will be used.
    • The version field format is package_version::plugin_type_name.The plugin type name that is provided here is used to pick the appropriate plugin among those installed in /etc/tedge/sm-plugins.

    • If the postfix ::plugin_type_name is left empty, a default plugin will be used if defined or if only a single plugin is installed.

  3. Optionally, you can define the device type filter when adding a new software.

  4. ships a default plugin supporting debian packages from both apt repositories as well as remote locations. If you prefer to use packages from an apt repository, select the Provide a file path option and give an empty space (' ').

    Add new software

    If you would like to use other sources (eg. file uploaded to your cloud or an external source), provide the full url to the file.

    Add new software from uploaded binary

    If you would like to upload your binaries, select Upload a binary option and upload the file to Cumulocity software repository.

    Add new software from remote

    Bear in mind that some external remotes may require additional authentication which is not supported at the moment.

  5. Press Add Software button.

Deleting software or software version

One can remove a software module or a specific version of it from the software repository. Find more information about how to delete the software or the specific software version

Managing software on a device

Find more information about how to manage the software on a device.

From the Cumulocity cloud Software tab of a device, software can be

  • Thin-edge treats install and update same
  • Once the above mentioned operation is selected, one should click on Apply changes to confirm operation.

Default plugin

When there are multiple plugins installed on the device, one can set one of them as a default plugin. If there is only one plugin installed on the device, then implicitly this will be the default plugin.

Usage of default plugin

When the default plugin is set, then the software operation does not need to provide an explicit type of the software, then the default will be used. In Cumulocity, one can then simply provide the package to update without having to annotate the version field with its type.

Configuring the default plugin

Default plugin can be configured using the thin-edge cli command tedge.

For example set apt plugin as a default plugin

sudo tedge config set software.plugin.default apt