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Configuration files requires config files for its operation. The tedge init command is used to create

Cumulocity Mapper

The Cumulocity mapper, referred to as c8y-mapper in the rest of this document,

File Transfer Service

The tedge-agent hosts a binary repository for child devices and other plugins/extensions to exchange binary files between them.

Init System Configuration

To support multiple init systems and service managers, tedge requires the /etc/tedge/system.toml file.


This section covers the specification of various mappers like cloud data mappers as well as data format mappers:

MQTT Topics

This document lists the MQTT topics that are supported by the


The reference guides include technical documentation about the following areas:

Restart Operation

Thin-edge defines a restart operation to restart a device, being the main device or a child device.

Running the agent

In order to enable thin-edge device management features on a device,

Software Management Plugin API

Thin-edge uses plugins to delegate software management operations to the appropriate package manager/installer. The plugins are responsible for: installation of packages, uninstalls and queries.

The Agent

The agent and the operation plugins are the main components used by thin-edge