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Welcome to's documentation! is an open-source development toolbox designed for rapid development of IoT agents. It is based on a versatile set of ready-to-use software components that can be easily combined with application-specific extensions into smart, secure, robust and efficient IoT agents which integrate cloud services, edge computing and operational technologies.

A typical agent uses as a foundation the building blocks provided by for telemetry data processing and cloud connectivity as well as for device monitoring, configuration and updates. In combination with these blocks, the agent designer can provide application-specific extensions, which cooperate with over MQTT and HTTP along a JSON API, to address any hardware, protocol or use-case specificity.

As such, is good choice for implementing smart-equipment that collect in-situ real-time data, perform analytics on the edge, forward key data to the cloud,
and need to be secured, configured and updated at scale.

How to start

The easiest way to get started is either to install the docker based demo container that showcases and all its features or with the beginner-friendly tutorial that introduces and guides you on how to install it on a Raspberry Pi. After the installation you can directly connect your device to Cumulocity IoT, and then monitor it from the cloud.

You can also explore the main use-cases using these tutorials. You will learn to:

The concepts

Better understand how works by reviewing the core Concepts.

How to operate a device provides a set of building blocks to operate, configure, update, monitor your devices.

How to extend

One of the core feature of is to be extensible.

How to contribute is an open-source project released under the Apache License - Version 2.0.

All contributions are greatly appreciated. It can be by reporting issues, improving this documentation, adding new extensions or contributing to the main code base.

Please refer to the contribution guide and the contributor documentation.