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Apama Plugin

The Apama plugin, part of the Apama thin-edge support package, can be used to install Apama projects using the Cumulocity software management feature.

Configuration Management

With, you can manage config files on a device by using the Cumulocity configuration management feature as a part of Device Management.

Device Restart

If your device is running, you can restart it from the cloud. This guide shows how to trigger a restart operation from different cloud providers.

Health Monitoring

The health of a service or any other service that is running on the device

Local Connection

With you can enable connection for external devices to your enabled device with the use of a few commands.

Log Files

The logs that are useful for debugging break down into logs that are created by thin-edge itself and by third party components.

Log management

You can now access any type of logs directly from your Cumulocity UI, using the

Mapper Configuration

The cloud-specific mappers subscribe to the reserved MQTT topics and convert incoming MQTT messages to cloud-specific messages.


How to monitor a device running thin-edge

MQTT Authentication supports certificate-based authentication when communicating with

MQTT Tools cli provides a convenient way to debug and aid development process.

Operate Devices

This section is for the device operators who operate a device running thin-edge


Maintenance operations on a thin-edge device

Remote Access

To access a device remotely that runs, a plugin of the operation plugin concept is used. The tedge-mapper is checking for cloud remote access operation and is triggering the particular plugin. You can use the remote access tab in device management to access the device via SSH or VNC.

SmartRest Template

Custom SmartRest Templates can be used to extend the functionality of a device to support more operations than what the static SmartREST templates offer.


How to retrieve a JWT (JSON Web Token) to authenticate on Cumulocity