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Version: 0.13.1

How to retrieve logs with the log plugin

You can now access any type of logs directly from your Cumulocity UI, using the tedge-log-plugin daemon. To get started install the tedge-log-plugin via the debian package.

If you have not installed via the debian package, make sure you have the following:

  • a tedge-log-plugin.service file in /lib/systemd/system/tedge-log-plugin.service
  • a tedge-log-plugin binary in /usr/bin/

After the device is connected to Cumulocity, this plugin needs to be started and enabled as follows:

sudo systemctl enable tedge-log-plugin
sudo systemctl start tedge-log-plugin

If you go to Cumulocity, you should see that you are able to see the logs tab. However, no log type is yet available. To add a new log type, you need to edit the tedge-log-plugin.toml in /etc/tedge/plugins/tedge-log-plugin.toml. The file is created once you start the tedge-log-plugin.

In this toml file you specify the log type and log path of the logs wished to be retrieved from Cumulocity UI. For example, if you wish to request thin-edge software logs and mosquitto logs an example toml file would be:

file: /etc/tedge/plugins/tedge-log-plugin.toml
files = [
{ type = "software-management", path = "/var/log/tedge/agent/software-*" },
{ type = "mosquitto", path = "/var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log" }

Note that path need not be a complete path. It can be a full path to a log file or a glob pattern. For example the "software-management" type is a glob pattern that groups any file inside "/var/log/tedge/agent/" that starts with "software-".

The type key in the toml is the name of the log with you will see in the Cumulocity UI:

Log request dropdown