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Version: 0.13.1

How to add custom fragments to Cumulocity

Default fragments

By default your device will send the following information to Cumulocity:

"c8y_Agent": {
"name": "",
"version": "x.x.x"

You can change the name value using the tedge command as follows:

sudo tedge config set device.type VALUE

Custom fragments

If you wish to add more fragments to Cumulocity, you can do so by populating {base_config_dir}/device/inventory.json. The default base_config_dir is /etc/tedge. See the link for more information about setting a custom base_config_dir.

An example inventory.json looks something like this:

file: /etc/tedge/device/inventory.json
"c8y_RequiredAvailability": {
"responseInterval": 5
"c8y_Firmware": {
"name": "raspberrypi-bootloader",
"version": "1.20140107-1",
"url": "31aab9856861b1a587e2094690c2f6e272712cb1"
"c8y_Hardware": {
"model": "BCM2708",
"revision": "000e",
"serialNumber": "00000000e2f5ad4d"

To see the changes you need to restart the tedge-mapper. If you're using systemctl you can do:

sudo systemctl restart tedge-mapper-c8y

In the Cumulocity UI this will looks something like this:

Cumulocity custom fragments

For information on which fragments Cumulocity supports please see the Cumulocity API docs.