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Monitoring Service Health

The health of services like tedge-mapper, tedge-agent etc can be monitored via MQTT. These services expose MQTT health endpoints which you can query to check if the process is still active or not.

To get the last known health status of a service you can subscribe to the following topic


To refresh the health status of the service, publish an empty message on the topic below.


If the response is not received then most likely the service is down, or not responding

For example, tedge-mapper-c8y publishes a message on topic te/device/main/service/tedge-mapper-c8y/status/health when it starts:

{ "pid": 290854, "status": "up", "time": 1714676361.3610663 }
pidProcess ID of the service
statusService status. Possible values are up or down
timeTimestamp in either Unix or RFC-3339 format. Configurable by the tedge config setting service.timestamp_format

If the tedge service gets stopped, crashed, or killed, then a down message will be published on health status topic and this will be retained until the service is restarted.

E.g. the mapper being killed:

tedge mqtt sub 'te/+/+/+/+/status/health'
INFO: Connected
[te/device/main/service/mosquitto-c8y-bridge/status/health] 1
[te/device/main/service/tedge-mapper-c8y/status/health] {"pid":51367,"status":"down"}
[te/device/main/service/tedge-agent/status/health] {"pid":13280,"status":"up","time":1714676361.3610663}

Supported MQTT health endpoint topics

The following endpoints are currently supported:

  • te/device/main/service/tedge-agent/status/health
  • te/device/main/service/tedge-mapper-c8y/status/health
  • te/device/main/service/tedge-mapper-az/status/health
  • te/device/main/service/tedge-mapper-aws/status/health
  • te/device/main/service/tedge-mapper-collectd/status/health

All future tedge services will also follow the same topic naming scheme convention.

Mosquitto bridge health endpoints

The mosquitto bridge clients connecting devices to the respective cloud platforms also report their health status as retained messages to te/device/main/service/<mosquitto-cloud-bridge>/status/health topics. The health check messages published by these clients are just numeric values 1 or 0, indicating active and dead bridge clients respectively.

Here are the health endpoints of currently supported clouds, bridged with mosquitto:

CloudHealth topic

Explicit health check requests via te/<bridge-service-topic-id>/cmd/health/check topics is not supported by these bridge clients. Since the health status messages are sent as retained messages, just subscribing to these health topics is sufficient to get the latest status.